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Equipment Demonstration Centre

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Welcome to Independent Living!

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If you do not live locally to our Equipment Demonstration Centre (EDC), take a look at our list of alternative EDCs.

DLF runs the longest standing Independent Living Centre in the UK having first opened to the public in 1971. The centre contains many items of equipment for all areas of daily living. Our Equipment Centre is located at 4a Buckhold Road, Wandsworth SW18 4GP please contact us for a location map.

  • Have you heard about, seen or been recommended a piece of equipment that you would like to look at more closely?

  • Would you like a hands-on opportunity to make an appointment to see whether it meets your needs or those of people you know?

  • Would you like to try out the equipment for yourself at no charge?

DLF equipment demonstration centre in Wandsworth also has the following features:

  • Touchscreen computers to help you find information
  • All products labelled with QR codes to help you find information quickly and tailor a report of products that can help you
  • New accessible kitchen
  • New bathing and toileting area
  • Latest models of daily living equipment
  • Updated telecare smarthome

The EDC is usually available to visitors Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am - 4pm. Visits are strictly by appointment only.

To make an appointment please call: 0207 432 8015 or using the online form. Please be aware that your appointment is only confirmed when you hear back from the EDC staff to agree your chosen appointment is available

Your feedback...

    We regularly survey those who have come to DLF for help and advice:
    * 94% said they would recommend DLF to others
    * 90% said our information was helpful or very helpful
    * 93% said our advice informed them of their choices

Your independence...

    Of those who went on to acquire aids to daily living based on our advice, 92% reported increased independence and quality of life through a combination of:
    * increased mobility
    * reduced risk of falling
    * reduced pain
    * reduced reliance on carers

Your experience...

I married my late husband, who was disabled with multiple sclerosis, when I was 60 years old. I had no experience of care for disabled people in a domestic environment. A few visits to your Demonstration Centre and advice from your staff gave me the 'crash course' in the information I needed to embark upon this late-in-life marital adventure.

Barbara Van Doren, West London

Your visit

When you make your appointment you will be asked if there is any particular equipment you would like to see or what problems you are wishing to solve, so that we may tailor your experience to relevant items. In some cases and with enough notice, we may get a piece of equipment on to the premises especially for you to try if possible.

During your visit you will have the support, advice and skill of a qualified Trusted Assessor, who will demonstrate the equipment for you, answer your questions, and find out further details for you from our databases, e.g. Living Made Easy

Appointments are usually made for an hour as we like to ensure that our visitors are able to take their time with life choices. Please be aware that visits are by appointment only.

Please note

1. DLF does not own the equipment within the EDC, but it is kindly loaned to us by the relevant companies; this means that for insurance and Health & Safety purposes, visitors are only allowed into the centre when a qualified member of staff is available to accompany them and that they have made an appointment to visit.

2. Groups of visitors from the UK and overseas are also welcomed, but we politely request an appropriate donation in these instances as it involves preparation, staff commitment and a reduction in our availability to our core users as we have to limit the number of appointments accordingly. If you wish to bring a group to the EDC please contact us directly with the details on 0207 432 8015.

3. DLF is a charity, not a retail outlet, so we don't sell any products - but we can help you find the people that do!

The details

Disabled Living Foundation, 4a Buckhold Road, Wandsworth SW18 4GP directions

Opening hours: Usually 10am-4pm, Mon-Fri
To make an appointment 0207 432 8015
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