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DLF works with a number of partners to help us achieve our goals, both within the UK and internationally. Some of our main partners are listed below.


Assistive Technology Alliance

The Assistive Technology (AT) Alliance links four of the UK's national charities that provide independent information about the products that make independent living possible. These include high street products as well as specially designed assistive technology equipment. Our partners in the AT Alliance are:

  • Assist UK, which leads a UK wide network of locally-situated Disabled Living Centres
  • Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST), which works with the AT community to support innovation in product development and good practice in service provision
  • Rica, the trading name of the Research Institute for Consumer Affairs (RICA), a national charity which researches and publishes consumer reports

International Alliance of Assistive Technology Information Providers

The International Alliance of Assistive Technology Information Providers was founded in 2003 to establish an international network of organisations that have developed and maintained national databases with information on assistive technology (AT). The term AT encompasses any equipment or technology-based product or service that compensates for functional limitations or helps people with disabilities to better cope with daily life activities, education, work, leisure and social life. 

EASTIN Association

The EASTIN Association was founded in 2006 by four organisations that had previously been partners in the EASTIN project (2004-2005), a market validation initiative partially funded by the European Commission through the eTEN programme. The four founding members are Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus (Italy), Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln (Germany), Disabled Living Foundation (United Kingdom) and Hjælpemiddelinstituttet (Denmark), who were later joined by other partners. 

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