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Practical Interactive Workshops

Four Practical Interactive Workshops

  • Enhance your knowledge, practical skills and application of equipment
  • Peer review and audit your risk management practices
  • Discuss practical solutions to real-life situations

The individualised timetable allows for delegates to attend all four workshops. The allocated exhibition viewing time, preceding the workshops, means delegates can view products and equipment useful for promote safe moving and handling.

These workshops are provided to allow delegates to audit their individual practice and develop new ideas based on sharing information and experiences with the facilitators and their peers.

Workshop 1:
Transferring people – focussing on the solution

Transferring people from dependent to limited ability from supine and sitting to:

  • The floor
  • Standing
  • In/out of vehicles
  • In/out of buildings


  • Sara Thomas, Moving & Handling Advisor
  • Tracey Shepherd, Freelance Moving & Handling Advisor
  • Sara Wright, Freelance Moving & Handling Consultant
  • Lanre Nehan Babalola, Moving & Handling Practitioner

Workshop 2:
Single handed care packages

Workshop based on providing guidance, techniques and solutions to carers where only one carer is available. Although for certain assisted activities a minimum of two carers would be recommended based on a risk assessment and limited resources – what can I do if l am on my own?


  • Kay James, Independent Occupational Therapist
  • Sarah Iceton, Freelance Manual Handling Practitioner
  • Sheenagh Orchard, Moving & Handling Specialist
  • Rosemarie Scrutton, Moving & Handling Advisor

Workshop 3:
Use of assessment tools to identify suitable handling techniques and equipment

Assessment tools should be used by practitioners to assess the client’s ability and identify resources and solutions. This workshop will work through the use of different assessment tools to compare and contrast the value of those available. Application in both Acute and Community settings will be considered.


  • Carole Johnson, Freelance Moving & Handling Advisor
  • Heather Hetherington, Manual Handling Consultant
  • Pat Alexander, Consultant Moving & Handling Advisor
  • Val Sage, Moving & Handling Advisor and Freelance Moving and Handling Trainer & Advisor

Workshop 4:
Moving and handling interventions with equipment – people and load handling

This session is designed for delegates to review and audit their practice. The workshop will consider moving and handling solutions in all health and social care environments to encourage and empower delegates to develop interventions for situations where equipment is not immediately available. This should apply to both people and load handling activities.


  • Lesley Purdie, Senior Back Care Advisor
  • Anita Rush, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Carole Griffith, Senior Back Care Advisor and Health & Safety Training and Development Manager
  • Rose Rudder, Moving and Handling Trainer

Please note that although the workshops offer delegates the opportunity to participate practically, they are not intended as training sessions.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting the 2014 event

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