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Trusted Assessor Refresher

Delegate groups who would benefit from this course

    • Those who have already completed the two day accredited Trusted Assessor course
    • Newly qualified O.T. who do not require accreditation.

Delegate employment area

        • Social Services
        • Community employment
        • Reablement Team
        • Housing
        • Hospital Discharge Team
        • Private care sector for the elderly
        • Employed under the direct payment scheme
        • Domiciliary Care.

Learning Outcomes

        • Refresh knowledge of the Trusted Assessor’s assessment process
        • Use Trusted Assessor skills to consider case studies
        • Gain confidence through practical equipment tasks
        • Understand the implications of the retail model for Trusted Assessor.

Courses for 2017

Code/Date/Duration Price per person Book online
1st June One day £195 + VAT (£234) Book now
22nd June One day £195 + VAT (£234) Book now
25th July One day £195 + VAT (£234) Book now
12th September One day £195 + VAT (£234) Book now
9th October One day £195 + VAT (£234) Book now
14th November One day £195 + VAT (£234) Book now

Common questions

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the practicalities of attending a DLF course.

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