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Warwickshire Council launches striking new AskSARA campaign

Warwickshire County Council recently launched their brand-new AskSARA guided advice programme along with an eye-catching advertising campaign.

Featuring vibrant images and an accessible look and feel the campaign aims to to help break down barriers to the adoption of assitive technology.

With posters, displays and advertising planned, the campaign is certain to make its mark.

DLF was delighted to support the launch event at a Council Meeting where feedback was very positive.

Disabled Living Foundation’s volunteer programme partners with UK Care Guide

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with UK Care Guide to help spread the word about our vital services even further. The UK Care Guide offers support and guidance to thousands of people on a range of care and elderly issues. They recently promoted our volunteer programme and we hope this will lead to many more volunteers joining our ever-growing team.

Disabled Living Foundation’s volunteer programme makes an impact

Nominations for the Shaw Trust Power List 2019 are open

The Shaw Trust Power List is an annual publication that gives you the opportunity to learn about the 100 most influential people with disabilities in Britain. It’s up to you to tell us who should be included in this year’s list. Nominate someone at http://disabilitypower100.com/nominate-for-power100-2019/

Who can I nominate?

DLF's volunteers are out and about spreading the word about our vital services

Trained DLF volunteers are busy visiting local community groups giving free talks about how DLF can help individuals live more independently.

The volunteers go to local community groups, charities and other organisations to talk to people about the online help DLF can provide. Many of us know what it is to be older, or to have a disability, because it has happened to us or to someone close to us. But not everyone knows about the huge range of daily living aids available that help people live independently in their own homes.

Join us as an Independent Living Volunteer

  • Do you want to make a difference?
  • Do you enjoy presenting/training?
  • Is empowering people important to you?

Then we want to hear from you.

Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) is a national charity that provides expert, impartial advice and training on equipment for independent living.

Too many people are leaving it too late to get practical about independence

As a society, we need to get real about aging: a change of mind-set is required. Ageing is a fact of life, we all need to prepare for it but too few of us do. As people age, changes in their bodies affect their abilities - failing eyesight, hearing and impaired mobility make it harder for people to lead active lives and maintain their chosen lifestyle. This reality is hard to accept; many people resist it and ‘soldier on’ as if nothing has changed.

Living Made Easy signs agreement with Kinderkey

DLF, which runs www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk is delighted to announce that Kinderkey has signed a two-year agreement for sole sponsorship of its Living Made Easy Factsheet for children.

Helping to prepare for the winter

Recent news reports say we could be in for the coldest winter of the decade and while no one likes the cold, some people are far more affected than others, especially older people or those living with a disability. Here, Living Made Easy offers advice on staying warm during the cold snap.

Older people in particular lose body heat faster than they did when they were younger and it’s important to maintain body temperate. Normal body temperature is around 37C (98.6F) – letting your body temperature drop below 35°C can lead to serious conditions such as hypothermia.

Helping prevent or delay people’s need for care and support - comment regarding the British Red Cross report, Prevention in Acton

A new British Red Cross report, called Prevention in Acton: How are prevention and integration being implemented? has identified that Local Authorities must do more in their areas to provide services that prevent, reduce or delay the need for care and support.

The report looked at the type of information available to users and how it is delivered; this is primarily via ‘universal’ websites. Information and advice is recognised within the Care and Support Statutory Guidance as a ‘vital component of preventing or delaying people’s need for care and support.’


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