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DLF relaunches its award-winning online guided advice tool, AskSARA, with new features, design and updated content

23rd March 2009

The Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)’s award-winning, innovative online guided advice tool AskSARA (www.asksara.org.uk) has been relaunched with a new improved, user friendly design, along with added features and updated content.

AskSARA is an innovative way for older and disabled people and their families to obtain advice about products that can help them in their daily lives. AskSARA invites you to choose from a number of topics, answer questions about yourself and your environment and then, based on your answers, gives you a detailed report full of useful advice and product suggestions drawn from the DLF’s impartial database of equipment. AskSARA won a National eWell-Being Award 2008 in the Independent Living Category and was commended in the ICT Hub Awards 2008.

DLF’s team of dedicated, expert occupational therapists has reviewed the whole system and updated all the sections, as well as adding new topics such as Driving and Transport and Hobbies and Leisure. There are now many more product suggestions and hundreds of pieces of useful advice within the system. Case studies are now included to show users how AskSARA can help them with specific issues.

As well as new content, AskSARA has been redesigned with a new, easy-to-use layout that improves the overall experience of using AskSARA. There are also some great new features including a progress report which lets you know what percentage of the assessment you have completed. DLF‘s new, unique rating system is also now included in AskSARA. This rates each product suggested by AskSARA based on areas such as the quality of the information supplied to DLF on that product and whether suppliers have signed up to certain industry Codes of Conduct such as the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). The ratings take into account how transparent suppliers are about their pricing, what quality standards they have, whether they are open about who the manufacturer of a product is and so on.

Chris Shaw, DLF's Chief Executive, says “We are delighted with this latest version of AskSARA. Last year alone 14,000 people used AskSARA and we hope that with the changes we’ve made even more people will benefit from the service”.

Further information and images

Please contact Hugh Dobie, Marketing Officer, Disabled Living Foundation on tel 020 7289 6111 ext 211 or email hugh.dobie@dlf.org.uk

Notes for editors

DLF is the UK’s leading source of expert information, advice and training on independent living for older or disabled people. We want every older or disabled person to have the impartial information and expert advice they need to make choices about their daily lives – and front-line staff to be well trained and well informed.

DLF's information is disseminated through a wide range of services. Members of the public can obtain advice from DLF's Helpline service, which responds to up to 25,000 enquiries a year, or try products out at its Equipment Demonstration Centre in London, one of the largest in the UK.

DLF also provides a range of online services at www.dlf.org.uk, including:

  • ‘Living made easy’, (www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk), an impartial advice and information website about daily living equipment.
  • Free factsheets giving advice on a wide range of topics about disability and mobility products and choosing equipment for older and disabled people.
  • AskSARA, (www.asksara.org.uk), an online advice tool that guides people to appropriate useful advice and information on products that can help them.

Healthcare professionals benefit from DLF Data, the UK’s only comprehensive and up-to-date database of daily living equipment and assistive technology and an extensive Training Programme including a variety of bespoke courses. They also attend the DLF Moving & Handling People conference, an annual event in 3 parts comprising an exhibition, practical workshops and plenary sessions.


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