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Notes to Editors

1. Wellbeing at Home includes the following accredited and non-accredited courses:
• Trusted Assessor/Prescriber course – 2 days
Accredited by the Open College Network (OCN) Level 2, 2 credits
To enable non-therapy delegates with varied skill and knowledge levels to achieve a prescribed competence level in assessing and providing SADLs and minor adaptations.
• Trusted Housing Assessor course – 2 days
(OCN Level 2, 2 credits)
To enable staff to assess for and prescribe equipment and adaptations to a level specified by those commissioning the course.
• Sensible employees course – 1 day
To enable and empower support staff in assisting with the safety and wellbeing of service users.
• Disability Awareness course - ½ day .
To enable all staff to understand the limitations of physical, mental or social impairment.

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