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AskSARA Web App

Date: November 2012

The ways in which the general public access information is ever changing with individuals placing more importance in accessing the information they require in a quick and convenient manner. The past few years has seen a meteoric rise in the use of mobile devices being used for this purpose and with an ever growing audience from across the UK, DLF has launched a new mobile web app for AskSARA – www.asksara.org.uk - to meet this growing trend and to be at the forefront of using emerging technologies to meet users needs.

AskSARA is an award winning guided advice tool that provides information and advice to individuals that may be experiencing difficulties with different daily living activities or conditions. The tool is simple to use in three easy steps and at the end of the process the user receives a tailored report with help, advice and suggestions of which daily living aids may help provide a solution. The mobile web app has been developed with the user in mind, you don’t have to worry about downloading or updating an application, just visit the AskSARA website and it will recognise if your device is compatible and adapt its format as appropriate. This way you can be confident in always receiving the latest information, advice, product suggestions and their prices.

If you don’t have a mobile device, please don’t worry – you can still continue to access DLF’s extensive range of services via phone, desktop computer or in person as you have done before.

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