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TalkTalk Digital Heroes Award - Healthy Living Digital Hero

The TalkTalk Digital Heroes Award - Healthy Living Digital Hero award is for someone using technology to help promote healthy living. It may be someone who uses social media to advise on healthy eating or uses an online programme to take exercise classes.

DLF is proud to announce that DLF occupational therapist Warren Goodland and the DLF Loan Library Project has been nominated in the category for Healthy Living Digital Hero.

In 2012, DLF set up a loan library of small electronic aids designed to help people in the early stages of dementia or those with a visual impairment to continue to lead an independent lifestyle.

The loan library enables users to try out a piece of equipment free of charge for a two week period within their daily lives and environment. After a successful pilot scheme, the Library was launched nationally at the end of last year.

There are currently around 50 items available to borrow in the Library. Items range from memory prompts, large button telephones and other communication devices that could help to reduce social exclusion or encourage people to socialise more.

Full instructions are given on how to use the device and Occupational Therapists are available to provide telephone support during the loan period.

Please cast your vote for Warren and the Loan Library at: http://digitalheroes.talktalk.co.uk/healthy-living-digital-hero - your vote means a great deal to us all!

Voting closes on Thursday the 25th September and category winners will be announced on the 29th September.

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