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Update on the Disabled Living Foundation and Shaw Trust partnership

In October the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) and Shaw Trust announced plans to form a partnership.

Talks between trustees and the senior management from both charities are now complete and the partnership is now in full operation.

The partnership ensures DLF can develop its information, advice and training services that are universally respected by the disabled community. For Shaw Trust, the partnership will complement the charity’s existing work to help disabled people live a more independent life.

Roy O'Shaughnessy, chief executive of Shaw Trust, said: "Talks between Shaw Trust and DLF on the partnership agreement have progressed well over the last few months. We are now in a stronger position to offer a better service to our shared customer base. The partnership means we can utilise the talent and expertise of both organisations to support even more disabled people to live independently.”

Chris Shaw, chief executive of the Disabled Living Foundation, said: "DLF has provided impartial advice, information and training for the public and health care staff since 1969. Our Partnership with Shaw Trust means that we can expand the reach of our work and continue to create new services.

We wanted to form a partnership with Shaw Trust because they share our ambition to build stronger, more effective guidance, services and support for people seeking to exercise choice in their lives and achieve independence.”

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