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DLF Supports the AT Home Campaign

DLF is delighted to be a founding member of AT Home, a new campaign encouraging people to think about how daily living and mobility equipment can help them to remain independent. The commitment of the participants, including 14 Local Authorities in the West Midlands, will ensure that the importance of assistive technology is recognised and promoted to all whose lives might benefit from it.

Among DLF’s many products and services aimed at supporting older and disabled people, their families and carers, is its Helpline. This has been at the heart of DLF’s work for over 40 years and deals with 20,000 enquiries annually. DLF is consequently delighted to place the Helpline at the disposal of the AT Home campaign.

DLF Director of Business Development, Ed Mylles, said: “We hope that the AT Home campaign makes clear the benefits of assistive technology amongst the population of the West Midlands. It is the right time, there is a strong business case and with real public engagement, we can make a real shift in how confident people feel about using equipment to make life easier.”

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