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Response to 'Daily Mail' article mentioning Andrew Marr

DLF was appalled by Quentin Letts’ thoughtless and gratuitous comments about Andrew Marr, as published in The Daily Mail on 8th May. These have attracted the condemnation of The Stroke Association and complaints to the Independent Press Standards Organisation under Clause 12 (Discrimination).

On 17th March, DLF was privileged to have Andrew and his wife, Jackie Ashley, deliver the second annual Alf Morris Lecture. The Lecture honours the late Lord Morris of Manchester, one of our foremost disability campaigners, and Andrew and Jackie spoke for the first time as a couple about Andrew's stroke and its impact on their shared lives.

One of the points made by Andrew was that we have to remove the artificial divide between “disabled” and “non-disabled” people, as we are all likely to need various degrees of help at some time. It was therefore especially disappointing to see Mr Letts, whether consciously or not, define Andrew by the effects of his stroke.

DLF works to help everyone lead fuller and more independent lives by providing expert and impartial information on aids to daily living. We believe in dignity through enablement. This is the path to a more equitable society, which recognises people for who they are, rather than - as Mr Letts appears to do - sees their identity as secondary to a medical or physical condition.

For further information, please contact:

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Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) is a national charity that has been providing expert and impartial advice on independent living for over 45 years. It recently merged with the leading disability charity, Shaw Trust.


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