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Our new National Supplier scheme for Living Made Easy has launched

We’re delighted to announce the first of many changes designed to improve the services we offer our business partners.

Visitors to Living Made Easy are looking to buy equipment suitable for their needs and the National Supplier scheme helps your company stand out from the crowd.

Products listed on Living Made Easy have the potential to reach more than 1.2 million people each year, rising to more than 2 million people across all of our services combined.

The newly designed scheme features a number of innovations designed to assist users, while driving traffic to your company's website. Listings appear with:

  • colourful, eye-catching panels
  • highlighted call to action buttons
  • new star ratings for suppliers
  • enhanced company logos and supporting logos for trade bodies
  • simplified layout, highlighting key services provided
  • clear pricing information, with date last checked information.

The example below shows how a National Supplier scheme listing differs from a standard listing:

Image of a National Supplier scheme listing

Supporters of the outgoing Premium Listing scheme generated twice the amount of traffic compared to those with a standard listing - our new scheme will equal, if not surpass this statistic.

Joining or upgrading to the National Supplier scheme costs just £360 + VAT for 12 months for unlimited products. We offer a monthly direct debit payment option to spread the cost.

To find out more call Ricardo on 0207 432 8011 or email marketing@dlf.org.uk

If you have any questions about the scheme or any of the other partnership opportunities that the Disabled Living Foundation offers then please get in touch.

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