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Trusted Assessor: Assessing for Minor Adaptations – Level 3

Purpose of the Course
To enable staff to conduct assessments with customers, measure for and prescribe minor equipment and adaptations, using clinical reasoning and best practice and be able to reflect and adapt future practice.

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The range of equipment includes:

  • Chair and bed raisers
  • Bath boards, seats
  • Stair rails, rails for toileting, raised toilet seats and frames
  • Grab rails
  • Perching stools and small household items
  • Walking Aids

Aimed at:

  • Nurses
  • OTAs rehab assistants
  • Physiotherapists
  • Care managers
  • Mental health OTs
  • Social workers

Learning outcomes

  1. Be able to assess a client with a need to enable independent living.
  2. Have knowledge of equipment and techniques available to assist with purposeful occupation.
  3. Understand safety and reduce risk factors with the prescription and use of equipment.
  4. Be able to prescribe measure for and fit equipment.
  5. Be able to demonstrate the use of basic equipment and review to ensure suitability for the service user.
  6. Know when to refer service users onto another service.
  7. Understand the role of the Trusted Assessor.
  8. Be able understand the importance of reviewing and when / how this should take place.
  9. Be able to reflect and learn from previous assessment to promote best practice.
  10. Course Length
    Two days. All learners are required to attend both days in full to complete the course.

    All learners should have a prior basic knowledge of health and social care services and medical conditions. All DLF courses require a basic level of English language.

    Every learner will be tested against the learning outcomes, this is completed through a variety of classroom assessments. At the end of the course you will be expected to complete a post a course assignment and submit this within three weeks of the last day of the course. Please ensure you have capacity to complete this before booking the course.
    Once passed, all learners will receive a certificate accredited by the OCN London at Level Three.

    Course Programme
    The course aims to include a lot of practical elements, therefore the learners must dress in comfortable clothing as they may be asked to bend and kneel for some elements.

    Further details
    For more details on what is included in the course, please contact training@dlf.org.uk or call 0207 289 6111.

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