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Bespoke courses

We understand that each service and team are different and sometimes our standard courses won’t fit your requirements. At DLF Training we want to make sure we accommodate all your learning needs.

Training courses

We can tailor our courses to fit your policies and procedures. For example:

  • Adding or removing certain bits of equipment from courses
  • Including procedures to follow once back in the work place
  • Highlighting specific referral options and numbers
  • Splitting the course over separate sessions

NB: If you are looking at tailoring a course that we already run and is accredited, we may need to keep certain aspects to maintain that accreditation.
Most of the time tailoring a course will come with little or no extra cost. Contact us for more information at training@dlf.org.uk

Creating courses

Sometimes you may need a course designed in an area that we don’t currently cover. We are happy to quote for and create a course specifically for your learning requirements.
We will work closely with you to conduct a learning needs assessment and bring together the aims and objectives of the course. In some circumstances we can also have the course accredited.
All course developers are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and have experience of writing similar courses.

Talk to us to find out more about customising a course for you

Call 0207 432 8010 or email training@dlf.org.uk

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