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Legator story

In 2009, DLF was honoured to receive a substantial legacy from the late Mr Harold Cooper, who had died the previous year at the age of 90. This was entirely unexpected, as the majority of such gifts are, and we only knew of Mr Cooper as someone who had used our advice and information services.

We later learnt that Mr Cooper’s had been the owner of the premium clothing manufacturer, Lee Cooper. But, more than that, he had spent the last 40 years of his life dividing his time between work and caring for his wife, Daphne, who had been rendered quadriplegic following an illness in 1965.

Mr Cooper’s determination that the couple should continue to enjoy the best possible quality of life saw him over-seeing the construction of a specially adapted, single-story house in North London. In consequence, it was considered most fitting that his legacy should go towards the much-needed refurbishment of DLF’s Equipment Demonstration Centre (EDC), which was formally re-opened in 2011.

The EDC welcomes over 2,000 visitors annually, who can view and try over 1,000 items of daily living equipment under the guidance of a trained professional. Featuring areas dedicated to kitchen equipment, stairlifts, mobility, bathing, beds and children’s equipment, it is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to know more about the many tools and technologies designed to aid independence and personal dignity. It is also the perfect example of how a gift left in a will can create a lasting memorial, benefitting the lives of others for years to come.

Not all legacies received by DLF are as large as Mr Cooper’s, but – with it costing us just £3 to answer a typical request for help – all are equally capable of transforming the life of an older or disabled person somewhere in the UK.

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