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    Our mission continues and we have set our sights on reaching 5 million people a year with our expert, impartial information and advice on independent living. Read our press release

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    Do you find it difficult to prepare food? Living made easy and AskSARA can help you find solutions

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    DLF's dignity £2 If you or your family have benefited from our advice, please help us to help others by making a gift of just £2 here.

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    Are you a parent of a disabled child? DLF has dedicated an entire section of Living made easy and created a version of AskSARA specifically for parents of a disabled child

The home of a vibrant community of disabled people, supporting and helping each other by sharing their experiences.

22 Jan 2017 P.I.P assessment.

22 Jan 2017 Esa wca assessment

22 Jan 2017 Esa doctors letter

22 Jan 2017 How do you survive?

21 Jan 2017 Bag For Wheelies

Training for professionals

Trusted Assessor Training

Building your capacity - DLF provides the leading accredited training for community staff in the assessment, use and fitting of basic daily living equipment.
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Moving & Handling People

Book now for Moving & Handling People. Over 15 hours of CPD-certified learning. New venue. Places strictly limited.


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'DLF offers a wide range of exciting sponsorship programmes. To find out more call the Partnerships Team on 020 7432 8011 or email marketing team.

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Help us support people in the future by leaving a lasting gift in your will.

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